Product Development 
13+ years experience

  • Shutterstock Growth - $60m increased to $330m with 40% growth and 25% EBITDA 
  • New Product lines such as which exceeded planned growth by 160% in first 18 months.
  • Shutterstock Music - On plan, on time, Exceeding revenue expectations in first year. 
  • Shutterstock Premier (enterprise product) exceeding $40m in 36 months. 
  • Beatport 1,2,3 each hitting or exceeding revenue targets.
  • PromoOne product release penetrating 30% of Labels within Beatport. 


  • Hired, recruited, managed 25+ cross functional development teams to drive growth.
  • Created swim lane ownership, metrics based accountability for teams.
  • Public speaking, panels, blogging, PR, Investor relations, board reviews.
  • Company culture creation through meetups, company stand ups, hackathons, 
  • Mentorship, coaching, 4 GMs, 4 directors, 2 VP’s groomed through product organization. 

Research, Qualitative & Quantitative

  • Drive product innovation through consistent customer interaction, averaging 3-5 customers per week contact. 
  • Customer segmentation in 2014 leading to marketing and product strategic initiatives. 
  • Ethnography leading to user personas for video, music, image customers - driving product roadmap. 
  • Constant usability testing leading to shortened time to action and improved key engagement metrics. 
  • Survey data used to consider new asset types leading to music and editorial content additions

Search, Discovery, Personalization & Recommendations

  • Creation of relevance algorithm based on research increasing engagement by 16% 
  • Shutterstock Labs accounts for 10% of all user engagement, drives innovation in search experience. 
  • Optimize most popular algorithm to increase subscription retention by 11%
  • Introduction of image recommendations increasing conversion on image pages by 5%
  • Video, Music, Image cross recommendation algorithms created, increase cross sell of content by +10%
  • Sharded search index increasing search performance by 40% on key terms (90th percentile) 

User Experience, Design 

  • Launched new Shutterstock branding & logo with global rollout from onsite marketing to blogs. 
  • “One Shutterstock” product UX strategy aligning all Shutterstock properties - 15% increase of cross promotion
  • Merchandising content and Shutterstock properties through landing pages, UX, content marketing. 
  • Creation of “Shutterstrap” front end library to unify experience across properties.
  • Patented Mosaic image search grid improving paid conversion by 6%.


  • Creation of E-Commerce product teams (Retention, Conversion, Commerce, Identity, International)
  • Added 10-40$ annual revenue through testing optimization, pricing, packaging and retention techniques
  • Development of Absinthe - AB testing platform used by 15+ teams allowing 100s of concurrent tests.
  • Subscription retention improvements by 8% in one year on 200m+ subscription revenue.
  • Introduction of multi-seat product averaging $15m annual revenue within 24 months.



  • Shutterstock for iPad - 2012 Webby Award for utilities & services.
  • Universal Shutterstock app for android and IOS achieves + 300k installs. 60% repeat usage. 
  • “Shutterstock for contributors” launched in 2014, 40% market penetration. 
  • Beatport iPhone app with 100k installs. 


  • Added 19 languages to Shutterstock over 4 years.
  • International pricing and packaging optimization leading to +3m annual revenue increase.
  • Japan user research including search and localization efforts going from 7% to 40% YOY growth. 
  • German search / dictionary improvements leading to +10% conversion increases. 
  • CJK morphological analysis improvements leading to 15% higher search success.